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Buttonhole/Topstitching Thread ~ Strong


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Gutermann buttonhole/topstitch thread.
Now in 5 colors ~ These are the main colors I use in almost all my own work.
I love this stuff. It's strong, so you can put some tension on it when gathering things such as strawberry tops, or when sewing holes closed in mohair. You get 1 spool of each color shown:
Black, Chocolate, Golden, Taupe & Beige
Each spool is 328 yards (it will last you a very LONG time)

This is not sewing thread for seams . . . this is a stronger thread for assembly and things like sewing seams closed on teddy bears after stuffing!

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*Shipping overages in excess of 2 dollars will be refunded to you thru pay pal ;-)

** International customers: I will bill you separately for excess shipping difference thru pay pal or refund overage thru pay pal.

*** Hand dyed wool, mohair or velvet colors in kits will vary often as dye lots do change. Many fabrics I dye myself and some I purchase from others, this variance in dye lots is what makes these fun projects unique!

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