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Hints & Resources


A few hints and resources for you!

Where noted most of my pattern pieces include about a 3/16” seam allowance.

Some pieces will have a sewing line only. In this case you fold your fabric, trace on the 

sewing line, then cut out.  

Pattern pieces:

Trace all pattern pieces onto quilt template plastic, cardstock or bristol board, make sure to include all markings and cut out. You now have a permanent pattern. You can also print pattern page, glue to yardstick then cut out.

Nap on Mohair, Viscose or Velvet

“Nap” on a fabric refers to a raised or furry texture such as on velvet, mohair or fur. When sewing with napped fabrics, it’s important to make sure pieces follow the nap correctly 

or fur will lay in opposite directions or even in the case of velvet can look to be different in color. 

Check the direction carefully before you begin then lay mohair, velvet or fur nap side down on a flat surface. Trace all pieces onto backing with an extra fine sharpie marker. 

Make sure all arrows follow the same nap direction and be sure to reverse pieces where noted. Cut out each piece by carefully by taking tiny snips with the tips of your scissors, 

cutting only the backing not the nap of the fur.  (This is most important with longer napped fabrics).

For lighter fabrics I use “air erase” pens. Clover and Sewline make these. The "ink" begins purple, then fades in about a day. You just need to cut out your pieces before it fades away!

If using wool, lay wrong side up and use a fine sharpie marker or chalk pencil to draw your pattern piece.  Transfer any needed markings and cut out. 

“Distressing Viscose”

6mm smooth viscose can be easily “distressed” by using water. Either by wetting the whole piece and ruffling it up prior to cutting or by using damp fingertips once your piece is stitched and stuffed!

Wool Applique ~ Freezer Paper Method:

(Applique pieces will not have a seam allowance.)

Trace each design onto the non waxy or “paper” side of freezer paper and cut out.

Iron with the waxy side down, onto the RIGHT side of your wool with a medium hot iron - no steam. 

Cut out, then peel freezer paper from design, pin design in place using appliqué pins.

Basic Utility Stitches:Basic Utility Stitches: (Use Google for great YouTube videos)

Stab or Backstitch for hand sewing - Use regular sewing thread

Ladder Stitch for closing seams - button hole twist thread is nice and strong. 

Better than using a double sewing thread, however that will do as well.

Running stitch for drawing up openings on things like carrot tops. ~ button hole twist thread.

Basic Embroidery Stitches:

Blanket Stitch

Feather Stitch

Stem Stitch

Colonial knot

My favorite website for great embroidery stitch tutorials :


A few favorite websites for hard to find materials:

Mohair and Teddy Bear Making Supplies:

USA ~ Intercal Trading   ~   ~ They also sell small pieces on Etsy, search Intercal.

USA ~ Edinburgh Imports  ~

Europe/Netherlands ~

UK ~

Wool Felt & Wool Stuffing:

(This is 100% wool felt, not what you find in craft stores ~  for teddy bear paw pads, bird tails etc.)

Wool stuffing I sometimes use as a core for pincushions and it can be needlecelted into tails too!


I use glue only where it is a necessity.

Fabri-tac and E6000 are fine and can be found at JoAnn’s..

Magna-tac is a stronger version of Fabri-tac.

(search “magna-tac glue)

Hand Dyed Woolens & Velvet ~ Too many to choose from, but a few favorites!

Blackberry Primitives

Winterberry Cabin ~

Primitive Gatherings ~

Rebekah L. Smith


I use different types of stuffing for different jobs.

For many items I like Morning Glory ~ It packs well and I tend to stuff fairly firm. 

Best price is at Walmart

For certain pincushions, I had a favorite for years, alas it has been discontinued. 

Recently  I tried Royal Silk by Fairfield and I think I like it.

Available at Jo Ann’s

Sometimes I use a combination of the two!


I sell a few handy tools like wire brushes, hemostats and Kai scissors in my online shop.

 I also sell some favorite threads and smaller pieces of a few fabrics for those who do not want to purchase larger pieces from other sources. 

Happy Stitches!

Lori Ann