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Lori Ann Corelis has been designing and creating mohair animals, pincushions and other needleworks for 30 years. Her business name "The Spotted Hare" is a reflection of the well loved and often stitched theme of rabbits or hares in her work. You will however, see other flora and fauna depicted and often nestled atop a pincushion.  Her finished works are available thru periodic online shows or at select folk art shows she attends each year.  ~  Lori Ann began teaching needlework classes just a few years ago and has found great joy in sharing her skills and techniques with others. Here she will offer limited production kits, a few of her favorite supplies and even antique smalls from time to time.

* Please note:  Fabric colors can vary from kit to kit as many are hand dyed and available in only limited quantities.  Lori Ann has sourced and hand assembled all the things you will need to complete your project except for sewing threads and stuffing.

** New kits will be listed in batches as time and materials allow me to assemble more. I hope to re-stock favorite designs as well as offer new kits from time to time.  Supplies as well will be re-stocked as they become available to me.

*** Most often you will need to do some simple sewing of basic pieces in your kit. But . . . .every now and then you might find an element in your kit already sewn for you. This happens when Lori Ann is getting ready to teach and putting kits together for a limited time class. We hope you will enjoy this little surprise!