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Beautiful Mohair - BEIGE - distressed


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If you've already purchased a kit and would like to to make another friend ~ This 18" x 18" piece of mohair is sized just right. (If making a rabbit - a piece of 100% wool felt is also included for ear lining or even paw pads.!) OR, maybe you have some other use for this lovely and luscious fabric!
An 18" x 18" piece will make a 10" bear, my Jaunty Rabbit or similar sized friends!
About 3/8" hair length and distressed/sparse style.

Image of Running Rabbit Scissors
Running Rabbit Scissors
Image of Buttonhole/Topstitching Thread ~ Strong
Buttonhole/Topstitching Thread ~ Strong
Image of Favorite Sewing Scissors ~ By: Kai from Japan
Favorite Sewing Scissors ~ By: Kai from Japan
Image of Beautiful Mohair ~ CHOCOLATE distressed
Sold out
Beautiful Mohair ~ CHOCOLATE distressed
Image of Reproduction Antique Scissors
Reproduction Antique Scissors
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