• Image of Tools Of The Trade
  • Image of Tools Of The Trade

A compilation of some of my favorite tools all in one package!
* 6" hemostats (handy for turning, stuffing and pulling a "stuck" needle ~ I'd be lost without mine!)
* Awl (For setting eyes in bears and rabbits)
* 4" Japanese made scissors (Love these ~ they are sharp!)
* Bunka or "nap riser" brush (for brushing mohair from seams and general "fluffing")
* Needles (15 of my favorites, from doll needles to milliners and chenille . . . that big one I on't sew with but it's a handy "tool!)
* Buttonhole/topstitching thread (nice and extra strong & this golden color blends with many fabrics!)
* A few yards of "crinkle ribbon for fun!

(6 sets initially available)

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